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Fowler Wedding Preview | Orfila Winery

CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_001 Here are some teaser images from Cassie & Todd’s gorgeous wedding at Orfila Winery!
We LOVE this couple! They are the sweetest and so fun! CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_002CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_003CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_004CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_005CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_006CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_007 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_008 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_009 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_010 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_011 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_012 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_013 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_014 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_015I was obsessed with the amazing florals by Amanda at BotanicAllure! So gorgeous!
CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_016 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_017 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_018 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_019 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_020 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_021Such a beautiful reception! The blue, yellow and gray was bright and stunning!
I love photographing the details at weddings. Cassie and Todd are so creative and painted all of these awesome bird houses!  CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_022 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_023 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_024 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_025 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_026 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_027 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_028 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_030 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_031 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_032 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_033 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_034 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_035 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_036 CassieTodd_LisaLainBlog_OrfilaWineryWedding_037Cassie & Todd – Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Fowler! Thank you so much for having us be a part of your incredible wedding!
It was absolutely beautiful! We have so much fun every time we hangout with you and are so happy we are friends.
Wishing you a joyous marriage and a lifetime full of laughter and love!

A HUGE thank you to Jonathan and Jamie Moore Photography for rocking with wedding with me!
Being 8.5 months pregnant and shooting a wedding might have been a little crazy.
But it was a blast and I’m so thankful for our awesome team!
Also thank you to Tania at Orfila Winery for being such a fabulous coordinator! We so appreciate you!

Love, Lisa

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Hayden Wedding | The Queen Mary, Long Beach

Here is a preview of Jillian and Steve’s beautiful wedding on the Queen Mary in Long Beach.
Queen Mary Wedding
We feel so honored to have captured this incredible part of their love story. The Queen Mary is a significant place for the bride and groom’s families. Steve’s parents had their first date aboard the Queen Mary! And Jillian’s maternal grandmother emigrated from Southampton England to New York on the Queen Mary! They displayed her suitcase and some beautiful personal items from her travels. The wedding details were perfect – gorgeous white flowers, navy linens with silver and white seashells, England mint tins and coca cola bottles adorned with a key bottle opener and a picture of the bride and groom. Each child received a hand-crafted and personalized suitcase with toys and goodies. Jillian and Steve are an incredible couple. They are kind hearted, fun, and all around awesome! Their love and the uniting of their sweet families brought tears of joy and a day full of smiles from all in attendance. Thank you Jillian & Steve for having us. We are so happy for you! We wish you a beautiful life together full of adventure, love and happiness!!
Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain037Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain001 Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain002 Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain003 Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain004 Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain005 Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain006 Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain010 Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain011 Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain012 Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain013 Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain014 Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain015 Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain016 Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain017Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain019Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain020Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain021Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain022Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain023Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain024Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain025Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain026Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain027Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain028Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain029Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain030Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain031Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain007Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain008Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain009Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain032Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain033Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain034Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain035Hayden_queenmarywedding_lisalain036

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